AI Forensics is a European non-profit that investigates influential and opaque algorithms. We hold big tech platforms to account by exposing algorithmic harms through independent, high profile investigations.

Our story:

AI Forensics was founded in 2021, as a formal non-profit registered in France, to support the activities of Tracking Exposed, as well as other related projects likeĀ YouChoose.

Our mission:

To make influential and opaque algorithms accountable by exposing algorithmic harms, to increase power and agency for the many, not the few.

Our vision:

The world where trustworthy technology creates a fairer future for all, because algorithms are accountable, adjustable and avoidable.

What do we do:

We develop our own auditing tools, which we release as free software to empower the research community, and grow the AI audit ecosystem. We believe that consistent, coordinated scrutiny is the path to restoring the imbalance of power between big tech platforms and those who use them.

Our unique data-driven approach gives journalists, researchers, regulators and lawmakers timely evidence of the systematic violations the user's interests and digital rights, particularly minority groups and communities that are overlooked in the technological design.

Our main means of action are:

All the code produced by the organization is made available as free-software.


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